"When I worked with Michail Taratuta in the 1990s, it was a time of great hope for Russian-US relations. Both Michail and I wanted to further the understanding of America and American business, so I agreed to collaborate on a number of segments for Russian television. For example, we visited Wall St., where Michail bought a share of MacDonald's stock, explaining how a stock market works. We created a pretend pyramid scheme on a high school playing field to show how easy it is to fool investors. The work was honest and well-intentioned and I'm proud of it. If only we could do it again."

Paul Solman, PBS NewsHour

I have recently read Mikhail's book about life in the USA, compared at least partly with life in Russia as descended from life in the USSR. The book was strongly recommended to me by highly sophisticated Russian colleagues, and it almost immediately aroused my curiosity and vivid interest.

Mr. Taratuta displayed interest and understanding for life in the USA with a depth, understanding, and objectivity developed to a very unusual degree. He graciously moved back and forth between intimate personal relations with everyday people, sometimes in contrast concerning official relations with individuals highly placed in U.S. society. 

He obviously has extensive knowledge of genuine realities in a wide range of American groupings: well educated people and less sophisticated types, liberals and conservatives (and even extreme right wingers), native born and (no less important) recent immigrants. He does all this with genuine human sympathy, yet with a kind of objectivity which aids genuine understanding.

He does all of this with a good deal of humor, in a way that captivates the reader almost immediately. It is extremely rare to find such a person with native Russian understanding plus good old yankee know how. Lucky is the person or group that has the chance to work together with him!

Professor Irwin Weil  

Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA

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