Biography and professional vision

A graduate of the Moscow Foreign Languages School Michail Taratuta started his professional career at the American Section of Radio Moscow. Having gone all the way from a junior editor to the deputy head of the American section, he went to work in television. From 1988 through 2000 he was stationed in San Francisco to cover the US for a major Russian television network called “The First Channel”. During his 12 years of work in the United States he filed about 1000 stories discussing various aspects of American life and was rated as number one foreign correspondent at Russian television. His show ‘America with Michail Taratuta’ won him nationwide popularity.

On return to Russia Michail proceeded with his journalist career, America being a focus of his professional interest. He hosted television and radio shows, produced a number of films, wrote numerous articles and three books about America.   True to professional ethics, Taratuta always maintains objectivity and balance in what he writes or films about America. These along with a high level of journalistic excellence, brought him popularity and won respect with readers and viewers.

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